Can You Relate?

When you least expect it, your life can change in a blink. That’s what happened to me almost thirty-two years ago, and it changed me forever. Maybe you’ve been changed too by an event in your life. Maybe you didn’t tell anyone and kept it a secret. Maybe things on the outside looked the same to everyone else and at the same time maybe you were trying to keep it that way. But inside, you were completely different and the world became an upside down place. You suddenly had to re-arrange the way you thought about everything and everyone. Can you relate?

It isn’t easy to write this post. I’m a master procrastinator. I’m good at washing dishes, straightening up, going food shopping, cooking, taking walks, going to the gym, petting the cats, etc.. When it gets down to the really hard stuff, there is always something else to do.

I am certain that there are many of you that have been through a life-changing event. And hopefully we can share how we got through it in one piece and went on to experience life’s wonders as a whole person again. Because when your life is shattered, you need to figure out how to pick up those sharp pieces, put them together and move on. Whether a difficult illness, event or sudden loss, at one point we all had to make a decision about what to do with it and how to heal. Mine was to create art.

Hide & Seek,  watercolor and ink on paper

Hide & Seek, watercolor and ink on paper